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The Heat will be back

LeBron is going to be back in the NBA finals next year. He isn’t done collecting championships and he isn’t done being the best player in the world. Kevin Durant is on his way and this years draft class is going to be similar to the 96, 84, and the 2003 drafts in that it will have multiple superstars. The 14-15 NBA season is going to be a great one I’m hopeful that every NBA team will improve in some way and that the injuries will be kept to a minimum. Bold prediction(not that bold) is that Paul George and Kawhi Leonard will face off in an NBA finals(or conference finals depending where each get drafted) series within the next five years. I also predict the same for Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker within the next 10 years. Also the TrailBlazers will win a championship with their current core.

The future of the NBA SF, C, and PG



The Ghost, The Reaper, The Rock & The Hops.

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Black Mamba (Taken with Instagram)

Black Mamba (Taken with Instagram)

Madsen Rd (Taken with Instagram)

My Brother and Me (Taken with Instagram)

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